Meet The Maker

My name is Walter Scherar, a part time knifemaker residing in South Park, Colorado. I enjoy hunting, fishing and camping. I have always carried a knife and my dad showed me early on how to sharpen knives. He worked in a paper mill long ago and I remember him telling me how he would wear out a Case Stockman in a year. A sharp knife was crucial working in the mill.


How did I get into knifemaking? Good question. I had never been fascinated with knives like some people, but I have always liked tinkering and building things.


I found an old handleless hatchet many years ago at a yardsale that I thought would be great for backpacking. It was finally in 2009 that I decided to put a handle on it. I did a little research on the internet and gave it a try. It didn't come out great, but it did spark my interest in the process. That led to buying a few knife blanks and putting handles on them. That in turn led to me to building knives totally from scratch. Ultimately, it has led to an obsession!


For the most part, I have taught myself the knifemaking process. I have spent countless hours researching the internet and reading just about every knifemaking book out there. I also had the privelage to visit a few knifemakers' shops in Colorado. I would like to give the following knifemakers a special thanks for allowing me in their shops: Steve Rollert, Jim Largent, Clint Sampson and Steve Powers.